BattleBeans is a local 2-player battle to capture your opponent's beans before they get yours!

Conquer the most beans to win!

Capture the beans on your side of the screen by connecting beans into an enclosed shape. Any shape you draw will be mirrored on your opponent's side,  additionally capturing their beans that fall within the shape.

You begin with a small power meter allowing only small shapes to be drawn - as you capture more beans, your power meter grows and so does the size of the shape you can draw. Be quick and strategic, using your own and your opponent's beans to achieve victory!

"There is nothing in all of Creation more perfect, more graceful, or more beautiful than the bean."

Made during ToJam13 'Flirteen With Danger' by the leguminous ButterBrains:

Adrian Smith, Nick Perrin, Toby Dixon

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